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Wendy 13 Jan 0 5
Jewellery as a gift of friendship has been given for centuries.  Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I, exchanged gifts of jewellery as an overt display of their support for one another; although it was also used as a political statement and a way for one to exert power over the other.  In the 1970s, woven friendship bracelets became a huge tre..
Wendy 07 Jan 0 5
Every jewellery collection, however large or small, is divided into at least two categories.  You have the pieces you wear on a normal day and then the pieces that you save for a special occasion, and there may be pieces which span both types, such as jewellery you wear for special meetings or job interviews that you wouldn't wear to the supermarke..
Wendy 01 Jan 0 16
Choosing jewellery that looks good on you is just like finding the right clothing – what looks great on one person can look bad on another and it comes down to skin tone.  If you look best in darker colours, like greens, blues and rich reds you probably have a cool skin tone, while if yellows, oranges and creams look stunning on you then you probab..
Wendy 03 Dec 0 56
Topaz is a hard, silicate based gemstone making it very durable for jewellery and other purposes.  Most naturally found topaz is yellow or brown in colour and it is often confused with citrine, which is a similar colour.  Blue and colourless topaz is quite rare but is found naturally in Africa and Texas – most blue topaz used in jewellery making ha..
Wendy 02 Dec 0 37
It's never too early to start planning a wedding, once the date and venue are sorted the organisational machine kicks into gear and the catering, drink, dress, shoes, flowers, seating plan all need to be sorted.  There's also the important question of jewellery, and this is one area where the old maxim “something old, something new, something borro..
Wendy 26 Nov 0 83
Our Love and Kisses collection encapsulates the essence of love in a range of gorgeous jewellery which makes the perfect gift of love for a special occasion, or just because.  We don't need an excuse to express our love to our partners; we can show our love at any time, so if you want to make your loved one's day there's few better ways to do it th..
Wendy 22 Nov 0 95
When someone does something nice for us we say thank you, whether that's for pet sitting, helping with a house move, providing support during an illness or a more general thank you, it's nice to give a gift to show our gratitude.  Many of these smaller favours can be repaid with flowers or a bottle of wine, but for a more significant act of generos..
Wendy 19 Nov 0 76
Let's hope our usual Indian summer appears again this year – it's so nice to have that last spell of balmy weather before winter starts setting in and it's also the perfect time to switch up your jewellery collection with some complementary colours that will look great with the autumn backdrop.   Red rubies and garnets are fantastic for autumn acce..
Wendy 30 Oct 0 121
Family jewellery is a lovely thing to inherit, the memories of the people and occasions the pieces were worn creates an everlasting bond between family members that transgresses the boundaries of life and death. No one wants to dwell on their own mortality, or that of their loved ones, but many people cherish the items they have inherited from thei..
Wendy 30 Oct 0 108
Hearts are a big jewellery trend for 2019 with some of the biggest names in the jewellery industry getting in on the act. Boodles, Chopard and Loquet are among the design brands getting in on the heart shaped trend with rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets galore. The rings especially combine the heart trend with the oversized and multi-coloured..
Wendy 30 Oct 0 148
We all know the saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" for brides on their wedding day, and we think our freshwater pearl wedding jewellery collection fits the bill for that "something new" perfectly.We'd always recommend asking the bride-to-be what she already has in the way of wedding jewellery, and whether she..
Wendy 30 Oct 0 115
Choosing jewellery for yourself may be easy, after all you know your style, what you have already, what you normally wear and you know the occasions on which you might wear a certain piece. Finding something that perfectly fits the bill might be a little trickier, but if you have a sense of what you usually go for you'll know the right piece when y..
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