Timeless Italian Style with Collezione Pieces

Amore Argento jewellery has a rich heritage with Italian roots. Amore is Italian for love, and Argento means silver, so our name literally means love silver, and we certainly do! It's also why our logo is heart shaped, as this symbolises love. Our Italian influence doesn't stop there though; we have used this history to inform our stunning Collezione (Italian for collection or set) pieces, which are beautiful, stone encrusted pieces which match over four different styles.

Firstly, we have our largest, the Luna Collezione. Luna is Italian for moon and you can see the celestial influence in the design. There is a ring, necklace and matching earrings, which are all beautifully crafted to be worn as a set for maximum impact, and also to be passed down the generations as a lovely ensemble to gift or inherit. A large central brilliant cut cubic zirconia is the star of the show, surrounded by two sterling silver swirls, one of which is dripping with more cubic zirconia. This set is ideal for evening occasions, dinner parties and nights out to the theatre, as the matching pieces complement each other really well. This is a versatile collection as you can wear all three pieces at once, or pick two that work with your intended neckline and hairstyle for the event – with classic Audrey Hepburn style boat neck you'll only need the earrings and ring for dramatic effect.

Our Bella Collezione, meaning beauty, is comprised of a necklace and drop style earrings. The earrings and necklace pendant are the same shape, and as with the Luna style the feature stone is a large round cubic zirconia complemented by smaller stones which swirl around it in a teardrop shape. Polished sterling silver pieces join the two ends of the teardrop together and this is all suspended from a row of channel set cubic stones to which the post is attached. The necklace teardrop pendant is suspended from the rhodium plated chain by a single sterling silver loop, marking out a slight difference between the two parts of the collection. These pieces look simply gorgeous together and they would make a great gift, either over two occasions or both at once if you really want to impress.

Bella Collezione Drop Earrings

Just when you thought it couldn't get prettier here's our Bellissimo (very beautiful) Collezione. Part of another two piece set, these drop style earrings are virtually dripping with stones, with a central cubic zirconia flanked by even more sparkly stones. The design takes some inspiration from our distinctive heart shape – the upper part follows the inverted shape of a heart and if you look at the angles and curves you can find many elements of the heart shape worked into the sinuous lines of the Bellissimo earrings and necklace. The earrings are post backed, with a line of cubic zirconia taking the earring to the bottom of the lobe before the dangling element starts – and it's this attention to detail that makes these earrings so wearable. They look fancy, but they can be worn everyday with the matching necklace, which has the top of the pendant suspended directly on the chain for a modern twist.

Finally we have our stunning Sofisticato Collezione. As the name suggests, this is a sophisticated design ideal for adding the final flourishes to an elegant outfit. The teardrop earrings feature swirls of sterling silver adorned with glittering cubic zirconia, coming together in the centre to showcase a beautifully cut stone which glimmers in the light. When these earrings move they'll shine brightly in even the dimmest light, perfect for a romantic dinner. The matching necklace completes the set on an adjustable chain so you can wear it to suit a variety of necklines, making this a versatile collection for special occasions or something to wear on an otherwise normal day to lift your spirits.

If you're looking for statement jewellery which oozes glamour and style our Collezione pieces are the answer to your prayers, and when given as a gift will make your loved one extremely happy.

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