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Wendy 26 Jun 0 31
We could all do with something to lift our spirits at the moment and we think jewellery is a lovely way to do this.  We can make ourselves feel better by dressing up a little and spread the joy to those we see with some sparkly, colourful jewellery that will bring some light in difficult times. Our Razzamatazz bracelet is a lovely way to lift your ..
Wendy 24 Jun 0 24
Carolyn Martens is one of the female leads in Killing Eve.  An MI6 boss heavily involved in Cold War relations and with many Russian friends she is a force to be reckoned with.  Her steely determination and the way she commands respect are traits which we all admire, and Fiona Shaw plays Carolyn to perfection, never giving much away but always stea..
Wendy 22 Jun 0 72
We know our customers love our style, it's why we see so many repeat customers coming back to build up the complete set of our popular designs.  Having a four-piece set of any jewellery makes it that much more wearable, because you can pick and choose which pieces to wear together and mix it up every time.  If you're attending a posh do then wearin..
Wendy 16 Jun 0 77
 Summer is a great time for romance.  The weather allows for all sorts of creative date ideas you can't do in the winter, and those long summer evenings are perfect for couples to spend talking about their love, life and the future.  Whether you're part of an established couple or looking for a holiday romance that might turn into something more, o..
Wendy 08 Jun 0 97
Amore Argento is delighted to bring you another new design inspiration we've used to create two collections.  Firstly, our Orb collection uses circular flush mounts in a row of three to showcase rubies with cubic zirconia for our Red Orb necklace, and with peridot, citrine and topaz for our Multi-coloured Orb necklace.  The drop style is a classic ..
Wendy 04 Jun 0 106
This time in “get the look” we're focusing on the classic maxi dress for a garden party.  Maxi dresses are flattering on nearly every body shape and there are variations and accessories that make them a stunning look for everyone.  They're especially good for a garden party as they help keep your legs in the shade to avoid sunburn (and let you have..
Wendy 02 Jun 0 102
A design we're very fond of is our Fantasia collection.  We have combined geometric shapes to create a modern aesthetic with flush mounted stones for that sleek edge.  Our original Fantasia collection was sterling silver with cubic zirconia; cool, elegant and perfect for any occasion.  Since then we have added the Fantasia Mix styles to the collect..
Wendy 29 May 0 61
Pearls have been highly prized for millennia, due to their lustre, rarity and organic composition.  Pearls are formed inside molluscs when an irritant, often a grain of sand, works its way into the shell.  The creature covers the irritant with layers of nacre, a fluid produced by the oyster, mussel or clam which keeps the inside of the shell smooth..
Wendy 27 May 0 63
Welcome back to our “get the look” series where we look at classic outfits and situations and pair up our jewellery with the aesthetic for a flawless look.  This time we're looking at jewellery to take you from the gym to meeting friends for coffee or a glass of wine.   Wearing jewellery while you work out is not ideal and should be avoided to redu..
Wendy 22 May 0 82
Meeting friends for brunch can be the highlight of your weekend, whether you're nursing a small hangover or relaxing after a hard day in the garden, it's a great opportunity to unwind and catch up with your closest pals over some delicious food.  There's no particular dress code for brunch, but the jeans and shirt look is ideal as is anything else ..
Wendy 20 May 0 56
We love coming up with new designs, mixing influences from vintage jewellery with modern trends and styles, to create gorgeous jewellery that absolutely anyone can wear with pride.  One of the design features we love from antique jewellery is milgrain edging, which is a metalwork effect that looks like lots of tiny bubbles around the edge of the pi..
Wendy 14 May 0 88
There's nothing more satisfying than having a set of matching jewellery that you can pick and choose from for different occasions.  We do love Coco Chanel's advice on accessorising - “always take off the last thing you put on”, however, there are some events where a full set is appropriate and even expected.  Weddings, black tie events and annivers..
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