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Family jewellery is a lovely thing to inherit, the memories of the people and occasions the pieces were worn creates an everlasting bond between family members that transgresses the boundaries of life and death. No one wants to dwell on their own mortality, or that of their loved ones, but many people cherish the items they have inherited from thei..
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Hearts are a big jewellery trend for 2019 with some of the biggest names in the jewellery industry getting in on the act. Boodles, Chopard and Loquet are among the design brands getting in on the heart shaped trend with rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets galore. The rings especially combine the heart trend with the oversized and multi-coloured..
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We all know the saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" for brides on their wedding day, and we think our freshwater pearl wedding jewellery collection fits the bill for that "something new" perfectly.We'd always recommend asking the bride-to-be what she already has in the way of wedding jewellery, and whether she..
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Choosing jewellery for yourself may be easy, after all you know your style, what you have already, what you normally wear and you know the occasions on which you might wear a certain piece. Finding something that perfectly fits the bill might be a little trickier, but if you have a sense of what you usually go for you'll know the right piece when y..
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We're not far past Christmas, but already some of us are thinking about gifts for those born in February, and with Valentine's Day in the same month there's a lot of pressure to get the right gift. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, so we can narrow down the search for a beautiful piece of jewellery to pieces featuring amethyst stones.Our new..
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A beautiful piece of jewellery is a gift that will always be appreciated, but sometimes you want to throw the recipient off the scent and make it into an even bigger surprise. Here are a few creative ways to give jewellery.Wrapping it in several layers of paper or in smaller and smaller boxes is a nice touch that doesn't require much effort on your..
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The phrase "feeling blue" has been around, in one form or another, since the 1300s, when the colour started to be used to describe feeling down. A further 700 years later and we're still using the same word to mean sad, and it even has its own musical genre, the blues. That's not going to stop blue lovers wearing the colour; it's all around us in n..
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Everyone loves flowers; they're a great gift to show your gratitude (unless you suffer from hay fever!). With this in mind, jewellery inspired by flowers is a great gift that will last much longer than a bouquet, and won't have anyone reaching for the antihistamines.Our Camellia collections are available in aquamarine (blue) or garnet (red) and com..
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Welcome back to final part of our series on anniversary gemstone jewellery. We left off last time in the mid-teens, so let's pick back up with 15. The associated stone is ruby, and what better gift to give for a ruby wedding anniversary than the Love Life ruby set? This is a lovely gift to complement the same set with sapphires, which you may have ..
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The origins of the phrase "to paint the town red" are disputed, with some believing it was used to describe the antics of a wild, post-hunting night out in Melton Mowbray in 1837, when the Marquis of Waterford and his chums literally painted some doors and landmarks in the town red. This is a nice idea, but the earliest citations of the phrase date..
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The recent unseasonable weather has made a lot of us think about the beach and summer holidays. While that may be a while away yet, and we may have to endure some less pleasant weather in the interim, we can't stop thinking about what pieces we'd love to take on an exotic beach holiday, or a long weekend in Bournemouth if the Bahamas are out of the..
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Anyone born in July is a lucky person indeed, as their birthstone is ruby, one of the most precious and desirable stones in the world. Rubies are a variety of corundum, a clear mineral coloured by the presence of trace elements of metal in the crystal, and it is chromium which gives rubies their distinctive deep pink to red colour. Pink sapphires, ..
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