Continuing our top picks for teens and young adults, this time we're looking at necklaces. A necklace is always a safe item of jewellery to give as a present, as it's easy to wear and doesn't interfere with any sporting or creative endeavours your giftee may be passionate about. Necklaces are also an easy way for young adults to add a little sophistication to any outfit when they want to impress.

We've mentioned the Wembley Arch collection in these series so why not start with the necklace part of the set? Hammered effect silver forms the base of the pendant while an arch of cubic zirconia glitters over the top evoking the innovative roof of the football stadium. This is an ideal gift for sports fans.

Next up we have three pieces inspired by the geometric patterns found in nature. The first is our Wheel of Fortune necklace, which bears a striking resemblance to ammonite fossils and the helical structure of DNA. Made from sterling silver with swirl of cubic zirconia, leading the eye from the outer edge to the centre of the pendant this is a beautiful piece for nature lovers and mathematicians alike. The Crackle necklace takes similar inspiration but is an elliptical shape, very elegant. This piece would be lovely on artistic souls. Finally our Contour necklace features two swirls of cubic zirconia, one set inside the other with the same geometric connecting pieces as the Wheel of Fortune and Crackle pendants. This is a more feminine looking piece than the others but still very unique and modern looking.

Continuing the swirling theme our Twister necklace has a band of sterling silver which wraps twice around another silver circle. Connected to the twisting band are three sparking cubic zirconia which catch the eye and make the finishing elegant touches to this clean, modern piece. This is an ideal necklace for a free spirit or creative person who sways to their own beat. 

This Journey necklace also swirls, but the chunky silver pendant, which uses depth and twists to create a really solid looking piece, represents the voyage of discovery and learning which teens and young adults are on. This is the ideal present for finishing a course of education, for getting a new job or promotion, or for a new house or new arrival to a family. Cubic zirconia accent the piece at the two ends of the shape to symbolise bright pasts and bright futures, a lovely message to send.

A similar shape can be found in the Easy Living necklace, which joins that swirl into an endless shape, again accented with cubic zirconia. This would be a nice gift to give at the same occasions as with the Journey necklace, as both symbolise progress and achievement in a stylish and modern way.

A statement piece for young adults is the Halo necklace. A circular pendant is filled with more silver circles, some set with cubic zirconia to dazzle and shine at any event. This is a really wearable piece that works with casual outfits and more daring ones – the circular shapes reflect many different fashion trends including polka dots, cut out areas and the shape of skater skirts so it will appeal to the fashion conscious teenager. A circular influence is also found in our Orbital necklace. Rings of silver and densely packed glittering cubic zirconia make this a real eye catcher – a proper piece of bling you might say! This is a very glamorous piece and looks great worn with a black high neck top to really show it off.