The cross, or crucifix necklace is often worn by Christians as an expression of their commitment to their faith, while some believe that it can also afford the wearer protection against evil. Crucifix necklaces are also a key part of urban music scene dress codes, and some people wear a cross necklace without any affiliation to a particular faith. The majority of people who wear cross necklaces are Christians who wish to express their faith by wearing a symbolic item to remind them of their beliefs and to provide some security of their faith.

We have four stunning sterling silver cross necklaces which are ideal for Christians with style, as well as non-Christians who are drawn to the traditional look and style of cross necklaces. Starting with the smallest, we have our Itsy Bitsy Cross necklace, which is a modern, understated design which forms the cross shape from two pieces of silver with a single cubic zirconia in the centre to join them together. As a religious symbol this pendant is ideal, as the shine from the central stone can be representative of the guiding star of the Nativity story. This is a small piece, ideal for everyday wear and it can be tucked away under a shirt or top if the wearer chooses to, as the cross is only 22mm tall. 

Our glittering Simply Sparkle Cross necklace is more of a fashion statement and will certainly attract attention. The pendant is a little larger than the Itsy Bitsy Cross at 25mm tall, and it packs a lot of cubic zirconia into that size. The design features rounded sections of the cross covered in stones and capped with a circular piece of sterling silver, and the loop which attaches the pendant to the chain is also covered in stones for extra impact. This piece is ideal for young, trendy people who love a bit of bling, and it would work very well layered with other necklaces for an on-trend aesthetic.

Simple Sparkle Cross Necklace

At 45mm high our Twist and Sparkle Cross is larger than the first two, but the deceptively simple design makes this very easy to wear. The two sections of the cross have gentle curves which flatter the wearer, and with our adjustable chain the length can be altered to suit you and your wardrobe. The longer piece of the cross is studded with cubic zirconia and has a hidden loop attaching it to the chain, so the cross appears suspended as if by magic. This is an elegant, modern piece ideal for stylish Christians who want to affirm their faith with a sophisticated cross design that works well with any outfit.

Last, but not least, our Twist and Turn Cross is the same size as the Twist and Sparkle cross and also uses clever design work to hang the pendant on the chain. A little more intricate than the others, this cross is ideal for more mature tastes. Cubic zirconia adorns the lower piece while gently twisting sterling silver pieces make up the rest of the cross shape. 

Whether you're looking for something to give to a committed Christian or yourself, or you like the look of cross necklaces, we have options to suit every taste and budget. As always, our selection of cross necklaces are all rhodium coated for a tarnish-free finish and come with our heart shaped polishing cloth and box to store your treasures safely.