Trio Set Inspiration

Trio Set Inspiration

Trio rings have are always popular, inspired by celebrity couples who have opted for this opulent style for an engagement ring.  The trio setting is a classic, where a large central stone is set between two smaller stones, often of the same cut or in a sympathetic style. 


A trio of stones on an engagement ring (or any ring given between lovers) symbolises the past, present and future of the relationship, making the style ideally suited to proposals as well as romantic gifts. We think a trio ring can also be given between friends and family members with the same significance, especially if the gift is for a special event like a graduation, 21st birthday or a new house.


Our beautiful Elation collection is certainly in the celebratory spirit, and features another trio motif within the trio setting – the large oval central stone is flanked on either side by a trio of cubic zirconia.  This extra triple within the classic trio style can represent whatever you want it to, or simply be admired for its beauty.


The Elation rings are available in dazzling cubic zirconia for that neutral look, pretty amethyst or rich red garnet (February and January birthstones) and there is a matching necklace and set of stud earrings to complete the look.  This pocket-friendly suite of jewellery oozes glamour and opulence without breaking the bank, and it's ideal to use the ring for a proposal and then make subsequent gifts of the matching pieces.


Our Content collection is as stunning and uses the classic trio ring styling.  Matching necklaces and stud earrings feature for each of the three stones – citrine, peridot and topaz.  These pieces use a single oval stone in the stud earrings and an oval stone suspended on a cubic encrusted hanging loop for the pendant.  This motif is a nod to the glittering shoulders seen on the rings.


These vibrant trio rings are perfect for summer dressing and socialising, as well as for manifesting your best life.  Citrine is a fabulous stone for encouraging positivity and enabling wealth or other financial opportunities your way.  The zingy orange colour is also a mood booster for the dopamine effect of seeing and wearing bright colours.


Blue topaz is a great colour for the summer too, although its icy tones make it well suited to being December's birthstone.  Topaz is associated with honesty, emotional connection and clarity, so it is perfect for a proposal and might just inspire a winter wedding.  Peridot is the stone for the Lime Content set, and is said to help promote balance and restfulness as well as being associated with creativity and positivity.  As the August birthstone we think the idea of restful, positive summer holidays couldn't be more aspirational!


Our jewellery is really popular as a gift, presented with the polishing cloth and nestled inside the box and bag to help create an atmosphere of indulgence when it is opened on that special day.  It's also perfect as a gift to you – no-one should have to wait for someone else to buy them a piece of jewellery they love.  Why not treat yourself to one of these gorgeous trio rings, then find an excuse to complete the set?