Buying Jewellery, Especially Rings, for Teens and Young adults is a Tough Job

Edgy style for teens and young adults Buying jewellery, especially rings, for teens and young adults is a tough job. Trends come and go, and it seems like styles change so quickly that it's hard to keep up with what is in and what is out. It's best to pick something that will appeal to their personal [...]
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The green-eyed monster- Fabulous Stirling Silver Peridot Jewellery

The green-eyed monster- Fabulous Peridot JewelleryOur Peridot jewellery will inspire jealousy in your friends and family, as the vibrant green stone makes a gorgeous centrepiece which really shines in the light. Our Olive Green collection with Stirling Silver has a beautifully cut Peridot surrounded [...]
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Simple Pieces of Jewellery for everyday – Rings for Work and Play

Simple Pieces for Everyday – Rings for Work and PlayA good jewellery collection has fancy pieces for special occasions, sentimental pieces given by loved ones, antique pieces passed down through the generations and some simpler, everyday pieces that can be worn at work and for casual social events. [...]
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Rings with Bling to Dazzle and Shine

There's something about rings with big stones that women love – whether it's the style, the impact they make or the way in which they can transform any run-of-the-mill outfit into a glamorous ensemble, there's no denying that big stones are an enduring trend. We have several excellent examples of the [...]
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Unconventional Engagement Rings for the Modern Woman

Traditionally, an engagement ring consists of a precious stone set in a precious metal – the idea of a diamond is a more recent addition to the criteria and has become culturally entrenched, along with the idea that an engagement ring ought to cost two months' salary. The first diamond engagement ring [...]
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