The green-eyed monster- Fabulous Peridot Jewellery

Our Peridot jewellery will inspire jealousy in your friends and family, as the vibrant green stone makes a gorgeous centrepiece which really shines in the light. Our Olive Green collection with Sterling Silver has a beautifully cut Peridot surrounded by twists of cubic zirconia, which flatter the multi-faceted central stone. The design is modern, yet nods to the classic styles of the past which often featured a central stone surrounded by smaller ones to set off the main event. Worn as a set these pieces would make a gorgeous embellishment to a simple gown, and individually they will lift and brighten any outfit. These pieces will dazzle by the poolside in the summer, and also lend brightness on a dark winter's day to lift your mood.

Shakespeare is credited with coining the phrase "green eyed monster." The metaphor is believed to have been inspired by the association of the colour green with sickness, and its association with unripe food which can cause stomach pains. The use of the colour green to denote jealousy is first documented in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice written in 1596 when Portia says:

"How all the other passions fleet to air,

As doubtful thoughts, and rash-embraced despair,

And shuddering fear, and green-eyed jealousy!"

Shakespeare seemed to like this metaphor, as it reappears in Othello, written in 1604. Iago says

"O, beware, my Lord, of jealousy;

It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock

The meat it feeds on; that cuckold lives in bliss"

The Duo Vert earrings, with a matching necklace available, are a flattering style for anyone and everyone. With a short hairstyle or chic up-do these earrings, with circular and teardrop peridot stones, will catch the light and present the wearer as a sunny, cheerful soul. The gentle movement of the dangling teardrop peridot will ensure that everyone sees these earrings and will covet them for themselves. 

Peridot is the birthstone for August, but that shouldn't stop people born in other months from wearing it to elicit a little envy from their friends. This Quirky peridot ring is a very simple, understated piece which works well on younger people, as well as those who are young at heart. The simple double band design clasps a multi-faceted peridot stone, with the bands combining into one at the back. 

Another simple yet jealousy-inducing ring is the Snow Dome ring, which features a single cabochon peridot stone set in a smooth circular mount. Another modern, understated style this is perfect for people who don't wear much fancy jewellery but who likes a little bling in their life.

For those who love a bit of colour in their life the Triplicity earrings and necklace are ideal. With vibrant green peridot, sparking blue topaz and rich purple amethyst these pieces are an array of beautiful colour and will go with so many outfits thanks to the mix of colours. There is a matching necklace, and when worn together these pieces really stand out, anyone and everyone who sees them will want to know where you got them. These are also ideal for people who like the green-blue colour spectrum, as they'll reflect the colours they are worn with. The modern mount really sets the stones off and lets them speak for themselves – they'll be whispering "wear me, wear me" from the jewellery box!

Last but not least, the Swoosh collection is another perfect set for blue-green spectrum fans. Peridot and topaz are set in a gently swirling mount that showcases the stones without taking any attention away from the stones themselves. These stunning, modern pieces work really well as a set, without being too showy and therefore don't detract from your outfit. One thing is certain though, every eye they catch will be green with envy. Get ready to tell everyone where you got them!