Toi et Moi means "you and me" in French, and the phrase is used to describe rings which feature two stones, usually of different types, which were popular as engagement rings in the 1800's and represent two people entwined in love. Napoleon is believed to have started the fashion after proposing to Josephine with a sapphire and diamond Toi et Moi ring in 1776. We have a Toi et Moi ring in our collection, the Swoosh ring. This piece is from a four piece ensemble featuring blue topaz (December) and peridot (August) in a beautiful swirling setting. This would be a great ring to propose with if those months are significant to you, whether that's through a birthday or an anniversary connection, and the other pieces can be given as gifts throughout your marriage.

Roman rings are those which were made and worn in Ancient Rome. The distinctive style has influenced jewellery design ever since, and although borne of efficiency the style has endured. A typical Roman ring is thinner at the back, widening towards the top and with a single oval or round stone set into a bezel, so it would stand just proud of the surface. Usually the stone would be engraved, and as the empire developed the rings became more elaborate, but still in the same shape and style. Our Snow Dome rings are very similar in style albeit with some modern refinement. Amethyst, topaz or peridot stones sit in a mount where the stone sticks out a little from the surface, and the ring shape shows that distinctive widening towards the top.

Taking the Roman ring inspiration further into the modern, elegant style we are known for are the Quirky or Opulent rings. Both styles feature a thinner back to the band which widens out into two branches rather than one solid surface. These branches grip the central oval stone in a delicate re-imagining of the Roman ring style. The Opulent rings also feature cubic zirconia on those branches for even more dazzle around the central multifaceted cut stones and while Roman rings would not have had this level or adornment, we can add a little sparkle in our take on this classic ring shape.

Another ring style with historical roots is the cocktail ring. These were popular in the 1920's and 1930's and get their name from illegal drinking dens. During the prohibition era in America alcohol was banned, so people organised secret dens and events where illegal alcohol was served. To make bootlegged booze taste palatable and even appealing, new cocktail recipes were invented (we get the term bootleg from the same era, as people would conceal small bottles in the tops of their boots) and the female guests at these events wanted to wear all their finery to show off their wealth and refinement. This often meant wearing rings with a riot of gemstones of all colours and sizes, or large, showy rings reflecting the design style of the times, hence the name "cocktail ring" for any large cluster ring.

We have a selection of show stopping cocktail rings, earrings and necklaces so you can get that classic, showy look when you want to make an impact. We have multi-coloured ones, such as the Rainbow cocktail ring with its huge cluster of different stones, which looks fantastic with a simple black dress or with the outfit matched to one colour in the ring. For those who want to stick with a single colour, we have the Blue Moon and Blue Bomb collections, which are made with topaz and the Purple Haze and Purple Rain collections with amethyst, as well as designs featuring both gorgeous stones.

We hope you have enjoyed our little historical tour through our range and it has given you some jewellery inspiration.