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Wendy 07 Sep 0 49
When we design our jewellery we keep in mind that our customer base is diverse, with different tastes and styles, so we design versatile pieces, some with a really modern look, and others which hark back to the classic styles we see in antique jewellery.  Our Apollo necklaces fit firmly into that category, but as ever, we've added a little twist by..
Wendy 28 Nov 0 172
Amore Argento's Vivid collection is here.  This collection of necklaces is modern, sleek and stylish – everything the modern woman wants.  Perfect for birthday gifts as birthstone jewellery these necklaces are also ideal to give in recognition of a favourite colour; as for this collection we have named each piece after the stone colour rather than ..
Wendy 24 Oct 0 349
The cross, or crucifix necklace is often worn by Christians as an expression of their commitment to their faith, while some believe that it can also afford the wearer protection against evil. Crucifix necklaces are also a key part of urban music scene dress codes, and some people wear a cross necklace without any affiliation to a particular faith. ..
Wendy 24 Oct 0 363
Continuing our top picks for teens and young adults, this time we're looking at necklaces. A necklace is always a safe item of jewellery to give as a present, as it's easy to wear and doesn't interfere with any sporting or creative endeavours your giftee may be passionate about. Necklaces are also an easy way for young adults to add a little sophis..
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