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Wendy 15 Sep 0 12
Jewellery has inspired many creative types, with books, films and poetry all dedicated to, or inspired by jewels.  There is also no shortage of music which references jewellery, with diamonds being the most popular jewel for songwriters to use for inspiration.  Perhaps the most well-known of all the diamond themed songs is Diamonds are a Girl's Bes..
Wendy 26 Aug 0 20
When you're making a will it can be hard to know what to leave to whom, especially when it comes to jewellery.  At first, you may think it's quite easy – people generally leave all their jewellery to a female relative, or have specific pieces in mind for certain people.  In many cases this works out fine to begin with, but disputes soon arise when ..
Wendy 18 Aug 0 68
Shakespeare is considered one of the finest English playwrights and his works have been translated into every language.  While some people may have bad memories of being forced to read his works at school, there is a definite beauty in his prose and poetry as he makes good use of the imagery associated with objects to evoke certain emotions and fee..
Wendy 03 Jul 0 246
Whatever is going on in the world there will always be conspiracy theories and fake news circulating.  People like to have something positive to cling to or something that makes them feel part of a special secret and this is partly why conspiracy theories gain traction so quickly.  It's not a new phenomenon, however, as these sorts of mythical stor..
Wendy 29 Jun 0 198
Many of us will have been getting in touch with our creative side over recent months, perhaps making face coverings, up-cycling some furniture or even indulging in hobbies like painting, knitting and crochet.  Making a jewellery storage or display unit is a lovely creative project which you can use again and again, and there are lots of ideas out t..
Wendy 18 Jun 0 270
Jewellery shops will be among the last retail outlets to open because despite jewellery being an important and sentimental aspect of people's lives, it's not deemed as essential.  Initially, it seemed that jewellers would suffer as a result of the lockdown with few people wanting to buy jewellery, but in fact a wave of proposals has occurred during..
Wendy 12 Jun 0 403
With the world situation changing so rapidly it's hard to know when we might be able to indulge in some of the pastimes and activities that we wrote about in our “Get the Look” series, but that doesn't mean we can't work around restrictions and make these into virtual dates.  One thing people have struggled with in lockdown is the suspension of our..
Wendy 10 Jun 0 130
Although we may have some easing of the lockdown restrictions we are all going to be spending more time at home and away from our wider friendship group, for some time to come; whether restrictions are put back in place or relaxed further in the future remains to be seen.  In light of this we thought up a fun jewellery challenge you can do with fri..
Wendy 18 May 0 212
This time in “get the look” we're looking at the wardrobe staple, the LBD (little black dress).  We all have one, or two, in our wardrobes and they are the go-to classic for a variety of events.  Dressed up or down the LBD is a versatile piece and whatever your shape or size there is an LBD out there for everyone.  Typically, the LBD is a mid-thigh..
Wendy 12 May 0 168
This time we're turning our attention to the jumpsuit.  Love it or hate it, the jumpsuit never goes out of the fashion cycle for very long, whether it's as a 70s style denim number, or it's short legged cousin the playsuit, it comes back time and time again.  It's not the most practical of outfits and is definitely reserved for nights out and event..
Wendy 04 May 0 269
We know that accessorising for different occasions and different looks can be tricky and it's very easy to over or under accessorise, then arrive at your event feeling out of place.  To help our customers match our jewellery to a particular event or outfit we've picked some of the most common looks and trawled our extensive collection for the best ..
Wendy 14 Apr 0 128
With two bank holidays in May it's the start of the summer social season with barbecues, weddings, garden parties and picnics all popular things to do on the long weekends.  The longer evenings are well underway and enjoyed by all, with all ages spending time outdoors making the most of the nice weather.  It's also a great time to bring out your mo..
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