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Whether you're hopping onto a plane to a tropical island in the Maldives this summer or are spending your time closer to home, Amore Argento has a beautiful collection of colourful and simply stunning sterling silver birthstone jewellery ideal for spring and summer! Read on to discover several of our favourite jewellery picks for March through to t..
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As a clear, sparkly stone that has plenty of fire, cubic zirconia, diamond's less expensive lookalike, is definitely one of few perfect engagement rings. Whether you're a couple who has recently graduated and would rather put your hard earned cash into your first home together, have children who are financially dependent, or would rather create lon..
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here are many benefits to a birthday in August. You're likely to have been the youngest in your school year for instance, which didn't just mean you always got to enjoy your birthday at home, it also paved the way for a lifetime of smugness as friends from school all got to the dreaded birthday every year, long before you did.However, perhaps the b..
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The aquamarine gemstone, also known for being the 'sailor's lucky gem', is an irresistible gemstone that's the perfect holiday accessory. Whether it's surfing in Cornwall, sailing in Greece, or a first-class cruise across the ocean, a pair of gorgeous aquamarine earrings will glisten in the sunlight like no other. Read on to find out more about the..
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Variations of this question crop up a lot, especially since we have a beautiful collection of lovingly designed freshwater pearl necklaces, so we thought we would try to answer it as best as we could. The main difference between a freshwater cultured pearl and a seawater cultured pearl is the location where they were cultured, and how they were cul..
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Not so long ago the colour of the year, according to Pantone, was Emerald Green. As springtime matures into summer, green is in abundance here in the UK. And, since a new study has found that green spaces can improve school children's mental development , the whole world seems to have gone crazy about the colour green! Once known to be the colour o..
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If you love jewellery with a difference, the peridot gemstone should be on your radar. Sure to capture an admirer's attention even at night, a pair of peridot earrings will dazzle no matter the quality of light! Thought for centuries to give wearers vitality and luck, the shimmering green hue of peridot is ideal for daywear and evening. Read on for..
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Over the past few years, experts have begun to highlight the fact that coloured gemstones have been growing in demand around the world, and consequently value. Partly down to their popularity on the red carpet with A-List celebrities and the like, gemstone jewellery is definitely on-trend this year! Beyonce, Naomi Watts, Rosamund Pike and Mila Kuni..
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Gemstone engagement rings are simply beautiful, and much more original than a diamond ring! We've put together a unique gemstone ring guide which recognises the beauty of precious gemstones, from sapphire to amethyst rings, which are perfect for a romantic proposal with a difference. Take a look below and make your proposal truly special! Precious ..
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If you've always admired the beautiful gemstone that is aquamarine, purchased a range of aquamarine stud earrings, studied its history and know where in the world it's mined, perhaps you'll also know about the giant Don Pedro Aquamarine gemstone too! No? Not to worry, we've written some more information about it, plus a brief history of it here! Re..
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Like the frame around a classic piece of artwork, the ring setting around a stone is the last, perfect touch that completes your ring. Different settings will make light illuminate your gemstone in different ways, so whether you're planning to buy a ring for your lovely other half, or are purchasing one for yourself, knowing about settings for peri..
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Here at Amore Argento, we have a wide range of lovingly crafted, gorgeous birthstone jewellery. You can find amethyst, blue topaz, pearl, aquamarine and more beautiful gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets and more set into the highest quality sterling silver.Whether you're looking for a beautiful new ring for yourself, or think a friend would absol..
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