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Blue Topaz Rings

Blue Topaz Rings

Feel alive with energy with our exciting range of piercing blue topaz rings! Beautifully combined with our highest quality sterling silver, these rings have been designed especially by Amore Argento’s own designers, so you can be sure they’re of truly brilliant quality all-round! Every ring in our collection bears our unique and tiny heart stamp, ensuring authenticity and beautiful design. Why not take a look today?

Glacial Blue Topaz Rings

Like the combination of the dazzling white snow atop the epic Swiss Alps paired with the blue skies of mid-December, our blue topaz rings blend beautiful blue hues with stunning sterling silver.

No matter the occasion, our jewellery is ideal as a gift for a loved one! Be it your wife, mum or sister, they’re sure to love their beautiful new ring! Also, did you know that the blue topaz gemstone is also the birthstone of December?! Some of our rings with blue topaz also feature other colourful gemstones such as amethyst and citrine, perfect if you’re searching for a ring which will really stand out!

Spectacular Jewellery At Amore

Our expert team is always here to offer their advice and knowledge, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0345 450 3966. You can also visit any one of our 200 stockists located across the UK or Ireland for an up-close look at our beautiful rings!

Model: Configurable_9253SIL3BT-K1/2
Blue Bomb Cocktail Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoEveryone loves a magnificent statement ring, and this certainly is one. Flattering and captivating, this vibrant cocktail ring speaks of elegance. Created with three shades of blue topaz, this beautiful piece of jewellery is ..
Ex Tax:£130.00
Model: Configurable_9113SIL/3BT-K1/2
Blue Mix Bomb Cocktail Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoDesigned to flatter, this distinctive piece will turn heads. Make this part of your beautiful private jewellery collection or send to a special person as a thoughtful gift. Your friends and family are sure to complement y..
Ex Tax:£223.00
Model: Configurable_6237SILCZ/SBT-K1/2
Blue Lagoon Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoFor the lady who likes to wear a different piece of jewellery to match every outfit that she owns. Artfully designed to be an elegant and beautiful piece, this ring adds sparkle to any outfit. The colour makes this a gift that will a..
Ex Tax:£199.50
Model: Configurable_9293SILSBBI-K1/2
Cross My Heart Sterling Silver RingDesigned In-House by Amore ArgentoWho can put a price on class? This delightfully decadent ring is an exceptional way to express your feelings. What a romantic notion - a kiss between every gemstone. The birthstone for December, the blue topaz used in thi..
Ex Tax:£52.50
Model: Configurable_9302SILCZ/BT-K1/2
Sterling Silver Curio RingDesigned by the Amore Argento in-house teamThe Curio ring was designed and developed by the amore team after producing many similar dress rings across the finger which have been so popular. This modern 3 row multi stone ring looks lovely and very stylish adorned wit..
Ex Tax:£89.50
Model: Configurable_6041SILCZ/BT-K1/2
Daisy Blue Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoEverybody loves to receive a memorable and meaningful gift, and this is one that will always be remembered. It’s not easy to find a ring with both blue topaz and such dazzling cubic zirconia. Dainty and graceful, this is a round clus..
Ex Tax:£59.50
Model: Configurable_9245SILCZ/LBT-K1/2
Deep Blue Sea Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoA stunning piece for any jewellery collection. This dazzling blue topaz ring is reminiscent of the deep blue sea, hence the name. Inspired by the mystery and beauty of the ocean, the blue topaz is enhanced by a row of cubic zirconia ..
£66.15 £94.50
Ex Tax:£66.15
Model: Configurable_9147SILMIX-K1/2
Sterling Silver Fantasia Mix RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoThe Amore designers loved creating this fantastic symphony of colours combining multi-coloured gemstones with sterling silver bands giving this ring a vivid look that will always be in fashion. This stunning ring with its kaleidoscope..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Model: Configurable_9112SILABPGC-N
Follow The Rainbow Sterling Silver Cocktail RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoIf you’re looking for the perfect gift, then this Follow the Rainbow Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring could be it. Something for those very special people in your life who deserve nothing but the best. The design is th..
£98.00 £196.00
Ex Tax:£98.00
Model: Configurable_9126SILAPCB-K1/2
Gemma Concerto Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore ArgentoElegant lines and a visual treat for both formal and informal occasions, this distinctive piece will turn heads. This beautiful sterling silver ring brings together gems of blue topaz, amethyst, peridot and citrine. This beautiful ..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Model: Configurable_9260SIL3BT-K1/2
Interlace Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoThis tasteful cocktail ring brings all the glamour. An array of shades of blue, this piece has been flying off the shelves since we introduced it. It’s not easy to find a ring that has such delicate elegance. Blue topaz is set into sever..
Ex Tax:£135.00
Model: Configurable_9236SILCBPC -K1/2
Kaleidoscope Sterling Silver RingKaleidoscope in a Wonderful Array of Colours is Designed by Amore ArgentoThis ring is absolutely stunning and brings a wonderful array of colours. The design team at Amore Argento cannot get enough of beautiful gemstones and they’ve showcased them wonderfully ..
Ex Tax:£69.50
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