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Cherry Gelato Bangle
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Lime Gelato Earrings
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Orange Gelato Ring
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Gelato Collection

As its name suggests, our gelato collection is inspired by gelato ice cream, often seen when on holiday in Italy, where many tourists can enjoy the delicious flavours from various gelato ice cream shops.

Gelato has a few features that make it unique and different to regular ice cream. Firstly it is often made from all natural ingredients, in a world of artificial flavours and colours, it's refreshing to taste a sweet treat made from natural ingredients. It also has less air and less butterfat than regular ice cream, which contribute to its intense flavour.

It is also very well known for its vibrant and diverse colours. Such a fabulous and vibrant array of coloured ice cream inspired us to create our gelato collection from some of our favourite flavours. Cherry, lime and orange; which is represented in our jewellery by amethyst, peridot and citrine.

Gelato ice cream is not only famous for its delicious taste and vibrant colours; it's also famous for its delicious toppings drizzled lovingly on top of fresh scoops of ice cream. Inspired by this too, we drizzled our jewellery with rose and gold plating to create our beautifully designed gelato collection, almost as mouth watering as the ice cream it was inspired from

A Brief History Of Amethyst, Peridot And Citrine


Amethyst is found in various regions of the world, it was considered one of the most precious gemstones in the 'old world' until large deposits of it were discovered in Brazil. Amethyst's name originates from the Greek word "amythystos" which means "not drunken". It was believed that amethyst had magical properties which warded off drunkenness, earning it the name "the sobriety stone".

In Ancient Greek mythology there are many stories of how this member of the quartz family received its purple colour. One such story begins when Dionysus (the God of Theatre and Wine) had been insulted by a mortal, and thus the God vowed to slay the first mortal he saw. In order to do so he summoned two large tigers to carry out his wrath. At the same time, a beautiful young woman named Amythystos was on her way to make an offering to Artemis. When the two crossed paths, the tigers leapt to attack her, but Artemis transformed Amythystos into a beautiful quartz statue, protecting her from the vicious tiger claws. Upon seeing the beauty of the statue, Dionysus wept tears of wine, dyeing the stone purple.

Sadly this story is not supported by any classical texts so it is uncertain as to if any ancient Greeks believed this story, but in a text written by Nonnus, Dionysus is presented with an amethyst stone to assist him in holding onto his sanity, which suggests that the God Dionysus was possibly associated with the purple gemstone. Nevertheless, it is still a very interesting and entertaining story to read.


Formed in the mantle region of the Earth, peridot is brought up to the surface in extrusive igneous rocks by volcanic activity. Peridot had been a sort after gemstone for centuries, used by the Ancient Egyptians for jewellery since the 2nd millennium BCE.

Historically peridot was largely found on an island within the Red Sea, however today some of the most plentiful sources of peridot are found in Pakistan, particularly near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Many gemstones come in various colours, such as quartz or corundum. However, peridot is only one colour; olive green. Peridot is however, available in various shades of olive green, ranging from a light yellow-green to a darker deep brown-green colour. A few factors contribute to difference in the shade, mainly the iron content. The most expensive shade is an intense green which requires the stone to have an iron percentage of 15% or less.


Like amethyst, this stone is a member of the quartz family. As a result of its orange colour it is often confused with topaz, however topaz and quartz are two completely different mineral types. The history of citrine is closely linked to its mineral family, quartz. In the 18th century people discovered 'the burning technique' where they could transform amethyst and other smoky quartz yellow by gently heating them. This process required a very large amount of skill as the temperature required to turn quartz yellow is very specific.

This stone is often viewed as the "success stone" or "the merchant's stone" as many believe it has the power to bestow luck and fortune upon the holder, enabling them to succeed where others have failed.

Today, most of the world's citrine comes from Brazil as heat-treated amethyst. Natural citrine is very rare, but can be found in various nations such as Columbia, Spain and Madagascar. Previously the most common place to find citrine was in Olkhovka in Russia. However, that location has since been exhausted of this very rare and beautiful gemstone.

Beautiful Jewellery From Amore Argento

If you're looking the perfect gift for a special someone in your life who is as sweet as ice cream, our gelato collection is the perfect gift. Available in cherry (amethyst), lime (peridot) and orange (citrine) our collection has something to suit all tastes, styles and occasions; from beautiful jewellery for everyday wear, to exquisite pieces to wear on special occasions .

Every jewellery item from Amore Argento is delivered in our special gift bag and stored in a beautiful purple heart shaped box. Inside the package you'll receive our unique heart shaped polishing cloth, so you can keep your jewellery looking as beautiful as the first day you bought it.

If you're interested in more information on our gelato collection or any of our jewellery items, please get contact our friendly team today on 0345 4503966.

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