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Cool Blue Necklace
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Tanzanite Necklace

Explore our truly beautiful collection of tanzanite necklaces and make somebody very close, very happy! We have unique designs that feature this deep blue, gorgeous gemstone at Amore, so if her favourite colour is blue or you know she'll adore our romantic designs, take a look today and show her just how much she means to you.

Lavender Blue Tanzanite Necklaces

A tanzanite necklace, blue with a violet tinge is often referred to as a lavender colour offering a fabulous gift that is sure to make an impression. Tanzanite's rich, royal velvety blue resembles the precious Kashmir Sapphire and only a hint of violet and a slightly less hard and lustrous appearance than sapphire, tip off experts that the stone is something else.

Amore Argento have used this birthstone and created sterling silver necklaces with tanzanite as a perfect gift for the month of December. Every Amore piece has the Amore Argento logo and a protective rhodium coating to preserve its condition.

Wonderful Gifts From Amore Argento

There's no gift that quite compares to a gorgeous new gemstone necklace in a heart-shape box and gift bag, which is exactly what you'll receive when you shop with Amore Argento. You're sure to discover the perfect design for her in our collection of tanzanite jewellery, but if you're undecided, why not look at our tanzanite necklaces and other jewellery too?

If you would like more information or help with our sterling silver jewellery, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer care team on 0345 450 3966 today.

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