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Gemstone Colour
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Product Type
Affinity Necklace
£ 114.50
Bonbon Pearl Necklace
£ 195.00
Catch a Star Necklace
£ 120.00
Classic Necklace
£ 76.30 RRP £ 109.00
Fantasy Necklace
£ 75.00
Full Moon Necklace
£ 97.50
June Birthstone Pearl Vivo Necklace
£ 39.50
Moonlight Necklace
£ 115.00
Pearl Candy Necklace
£ 69.00
Pearldrop Necklace
£ 89.50
Pure Necklace
£ 99.00
Retro Necklace
£ 69.65 RRP £ 99.50

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Elegant Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Designed and lovingly crafted to the highest quality in sterling silver by our in-house designers, our collection of freshwater pearl necklaces make an ideal gift for anyone with an eye for beauty. And since pearl is the birthstone of those born in June, pearl jewellery makes the perfect, personal gift for them too!

Pearl jewellery has been admired by many for centuries, but with that, many pearl superstitions and folklore has been invented - from the notion that those who place a pearl beneath their pillow will be blessed with children, to the belief that those who wear pearl jewellery will have good health and wealth. We're not promising anything, though, except a beautiful piece of jewellery!

Once one of the world's costliest gems, today, with the advancement of science and technology, cultured pearls - which are real pearls and have the same iridescent luster of pearls that ocean-dwelling oysters create - are now affordable gemstones everyone can appreciate.

The organic freshwater pearl necklaces featured in this unique collection all hold the Amore Argento heart logo and have protective rhodium coating, ensuring a high standard of product.

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces From Amore Argento

All of our jewellery items include a gorgeous heart shaped box, gift bag and polishing cloth, and if you're unsure how best to care for your jewellery piece, don't dismay! We also include in each package a unique card with care instructions, so your necklace, ring, or other item will preserve its stunning condition for longer!

If you would like further information or advice about our freshwater pearl necklaces collection, don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer care team today.

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