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Opal Rings

Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Opal is formed from rain seeping down into crevasses into the rock and when it dries out and hardens it becomes a precious opal, making a jewellery piece from our collection of Opal rings perfect for any occasion! It's also recognised as the official birthstone of October, making opal jewellery the ideal gift choice for anyone who celebrates their birthday during this month!

Take a look at our beautifully designed opal sterling silver jewellery today to find the perfect gift for someone special…

Beautiful Opal Rings With Natural Stunning Colours

Our dedicated in-house designers love to bring you natural colours so we have have been busy creating this stunning silver collection of opal rings, all of which are exclusively stamped with the Amore Argento heart logo and have a protective rhodium coating.

Opal has been found on Mars! It is one of only a handful of gemstones that have ever been discovered outside of our planet.

Opallios is the Greek word for Opals meaning to see a change of colour. The Roman word for Opal is Opalus meaning precious stone. The ancient Greeks believed that opals were formed from the tears of joy wept by Zeus when he defeated the titans, and that the opal bestowed prophetic powers.

Amore Argento, A World Of Wonderful Colour

Each item of jewellery is beautifully presented and delivered in an elegant gift bag with a stunning purple heart box, care card and our unique heart shaped polishing cloth. Please call 0345 450 3966 for all enquires or send us a message via our contact page!

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