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Viola Collection

Our Viola Collection is inspired by the viola flower, a beautiful purple flower in the violet family Violaceae.

A Beautiful Flower, Perfect Inspiration For Beautiful Jewellery

The leaves of Viola are heart shaped and have short stems. They appear to simply rise out of the ground; this inspired us to create a simplistic yet beautiful design.

If you look at our beautiful Viola Collection you'll see a beautiful amethyst stone, this purple quartz stone is the birthstone of February. Some of the more common and better known violas are a deep and beautiful purple colour so amethyst is a fantastic choice of gemstone for this jewellery collection.

Not only is amethyst a beautiful gemstone, it has many fantastic stories associated with it.

Many years ago it was considered a cardinal gemstone (one of the most precious gemstones in the world), until large deposits were discovered in Brazil.

The ancient Greeks wore amethyst because they believed it would protect them from intoxication, some refer to amethyst as the 'sobriety stone'. There are various stories as to how this gemstone came into existence, one such story is a myth in which Bacchus (the god of intoxication, wine and grapes) was chasing a woman named Amethyste. Amethyste refused Bacchus' affections and instead prayed to the gods to remain chaste. This prayer was answered by the chaste goddess Diana, who transformed her into a white stone. In an offering Bachus poured his wine over the stone, dyeing it purple.

Today amethyst has many purposes, for example it can be heat treated to transform it from purple into an orange colour. A skilled worker can use a specific temperature to change amethyst or a smoky quartz gemstone into an orange gemstone, which is often called heat-treated citrine.

A Minimalistic Design You Can Wear For A Wide Range Of Occasions

Sometimes a simple design is better. However if you love to wear sparkly jewellery don't worry, the minimalistic design of this collection allows the beautiful gemstone to take centre stage and be appreciated for all of its beauty. Amethyst is a fantastic gemstone; it is very versatile being both simple and elegant at the same time. This is a simplistic design that you can wear for various occasions. It works well when worn with beautiful casual clothes and looks fantastic when worn alongside elegant outfits for special occasions.

The Viola Collection Would Make A Fantastic Gift

If you choose to purchase an item from our Viola Collection as a gift online, you can add your own personal message. We will include your personal message on a card for your loved one to read. We can even send the gift directly to them on your behalf, simply enter their address and we will post it to them.

If you're searching for a fantastic gift for somebody special in your life who is born in February, our Viola Collection is a fantastic choice. Being both simple and elegant our Viola Collection is a great choice for a gift. The items in the collection are very versatile and can be worn for a number of different social occasions.

If you have any questions about purchasing an item of Amore Argento jewellery as a gift you can read details about delivery here or you can speak to our friendly and dedicated team by telephone on 0345 4503966.

Our Returns Policy

For those who have purchased an item of jewellery from our website and wish to return it, you have 30 days to do so for a full refund. However, there are some limitations. For example, earrings must not have been worn. Additionally all items of jewellery must be returned in the same condition as they were sent.

If you want to return a purchase, please take care when packaging the item and secure it with padding. Also make sure you include your packing note and send the package by a registered form of post.

If you want to read more about our returns policy, you can do so here.

The Beautiful Viola Collection Available From Amore Argento

If you're searching for a beautiful jewellery collection for either yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one, our Viola Collection is a fantastic choice. We also have many other beautiful items of jewellery available, such as these stylishfreshwater pearl rings or these beautiful sapphire necklaces.

However, if you're looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one/friend then perhaps our bespoke design service will be of interest to you. Our team have over 30 years of experience making beautiful hand crafted jewellery. We can provide a very personal service and can discuss any requirements you have, if you are interested in our bespoke service you can send your designs or pictures to us by email at

Every item of jewellery purchased from Amore Argento is delivered in our special gift bag and stored in a beautiful purple heart shaped box. Inside your package you will receive a care card and our unique heart shaped polishing cloth, this way you can keep your jewellery looking beautiful.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Viola Collection or any of the other items of jewellery available on our online store and would like to speak to our team, you can talk to us by phone on 0345 4503966. Alternatively you can send us your questions through our contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.

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