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Cubic Zirconia Bangles

Cubic Zirconia Bangles

Contemporary Cubic Zirconia Bangles

Whether you're searching for the ideal jewellery gift to present to your other half on a romantic date, or simply want a stylish bangle to complete your outfit, our stunning Cubic Zirconia bangles are perfect! Browse our designs today that complement other jewellery in our collections for a unique, beautifully designed bangle.

Although Cubic Zirconia isn't a birthstone, this gemstone is comparable to the more expensive and precious diamond, which is the birthstone of April and signifies true and everlasting love. So if you love diamonds, but aren't so fond of the steep price tag that accompanies diamond jewellery, Cubic Zirconia jewellery offers a more affordable and equally beautiful solution!

We have a gorgeous collection of Cubic Zirconia bangles, some with rose gold plating, all of which bear the Amore Argento heart logo, ensuring high quality.

Stunning Silver Bangles, Simply Sparkling

Each item from our glamorous bangle collection is carefully packaged in an elegant gift bag and heart shaped box. They also come with a unique polishing cloth and individual care card too!

If you would like any advice or information about our Cubic Zirconia bangles, don't hesitate to contact our committed customer care team today!

Model: 9252SILCZ
Angelica Sterling Silver Bangle Designed by Amore Argento Inspired by the wings of angels, the ‘Angelica’ bangle gives the nod to the guardian spirits, knowledge and wisdom. ‘Angels’ is the English version of the word, Angelos which means ‘messenger’. This angel wing bangle is sterling silver, hig..
Ex Tax:£195.00
Model: 9129SILCZ
Fantasia Sterling Silver Bangle Designed by Amore Argento Who wouldn’t look good in this beautiful adornment? With silver bands showcasing cubic zirconia, this distinctive and elegant masterpiece has intricate detailing. Look regal and first-class whether it’s worn daytime or nighttime with this ..
Ex Tax:£199.00
Model: 9217SILCZ
Fantasia Sterling Silver Mini Bangle Designed by Amore Argento In the same vein as our beautiful Fantasia bangle, this miniature version gives a taste of the same glitz and shimmer but in a more petite manner. The two silver bands support cubic zirconia to give that special glitz to any outfit. Wh..
Ex Tax:£135.00
Model: 9217SILMIX

Sterling Silver Fantasia Mix Bangle

Designed by Amore Argento

The Fantasia Mix Bangle has been designed to complement our necklace and rings as a symphony of colourful gemstones interweaved onto two silver bands giving this bangle a kaleidosc..

Ex Tax:£195.00
Model: 9218SILCZ
Icicle Sterling Silver Bangle Designed by Amore Argento The Icicle bangle is a classic that brings glamour and stylish sparkle to any outfit. Designed with a band of sterling silver, beautiful cubic zirconia sparkles and shines. The heart clasp is used to open and close the bangle for easy wearing..
Ex Tax:£125.00
Model: 9057SILCZ

Sterling Silver Twister Bangle

Designed by Amore Argento

Modern and distinctive round design combining a swirling ribbon of polished silver with sparkling cubic zirconia. So simple but so effective, this elegant design is perfect to be worn..

£111.30 £159.00
Ex Tax:£111.30
Model: 9244SILCZ
Titanic Sterling Silver Bangle Designed by Amore Argento This bangle is named after the beautiful staircase of the Titanic. This magnificent design showcases gorgeous sparkling cubic zirconia through the centre with smaller cubic zirconia stones flanking them on either side. This bangle is elegant..
Ex Tax:£195.00
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