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Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic Zirconia Rings

Whether you're searching for the ideal jewellery gift to present to your other half on a romantic date, or simply want a stylish ring to complete your daily look, our stunning collection of cubic zirconia rings are perfect! Browse our complete classic and contemporary collection of rings today for a unique, beautifully designed jewellery piece.

Classic Cubic Zirconia Rings

We have a gorgeous collection of cubic zirconia rings, all of which bear the Amore Argento heart logo, ensuring high quality. Find eternity rings, solitaire rings, cluster rings and many more ring styles, each featuring at least one beautiful cubic zirconia gemstone set in the highest quality sterling silver.

Although cubic zirconia isn't a birthstone, this gemstone is comparable to the more expensive and precious diamond, which is the birthstone of April and signifies true and everlasting love. So if you love diamonds, but aren't so fond of the steep price tag that accompanies diamond jewellery, cubic zirconia jewellery offers a more affordable and equally beautiful solution!

Shop With Confidence At Amore Argento

Each item from our glamorous jewellery collection is carefully packaged in an elegant gift bag and heart shaped box. They also come with a unique polishing cloth and individual care card too! If you would like any advice or information about our cubic zirconia rings collection, don't hesitate to contact our committed customer care team today!

Model: Configurable_9197SILCZ-ROSE N
Love & Kisses' Sterling Silver Blush Ring Designed by Amore Argento The beautiful 'Love & Kisses' collection brings romance to the fore with the unique design. This stunning piece has a romantic silver heart, which is coated with rose gold and sealed with a loving kiss of shimmering sparkling..
£36.75 £57.00
Ex Tax:£36.75
Model: Configurable_9197SILCZ-K1/2
Love & Kisses' Moonlight Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento The beautiful 'Love & Kisses' collection brings romance to the fore with this unique design. Moonlight is part of the collection and has a romantic silver heart, which is sealed with a loving kiss of shimmering sparkling ..
£34.65 £67.50
Ex Tax:£34.65
Model: 9127SILCZ-ET-K1/2
Always & Forever Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento This stunning piece makes a wonderful addition to any jewellery collection. Whether it’s an everyday ring or to be worn for something special, this gorgeous channel set ring has 9 round cubic zirconia that sparkle and bring glamour t..
£36.75 £53.00
Ex Tax:£36.75
Model: Configurable_7586SILCZ-ET-K1/2
Amour Eternity Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento Elegantly crafted this pave set ring brings it all - distinction, style and charm. Set with 17 round cubic zirconia, there's no doubt that you’ll be the belle of the ball. This ring has been designed to be worn as a wedding ring or as ..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Model: Configurable_7586SILCZ-K1/2
Give You My Heart Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento This precious ring blends the beauty of cubic zirconia with sterling silver. The perfect ring to honour love and partnership, this design is ideal as an engagement ring. You’ll be eyed for your exquisite taste when you wear this..
Ex Tax:£47.50
Model: Configurable_9249SILCZ-K1/2
Angelica Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento Inspired by the presence of Angels who offer guidance and wisdom, this quality sterling silver Angel wing ring is truly beautiful. Adorned with the sparkle of cubic zirconia, your loved ones will be protected in their day to day lives. Th..
Ex Tax:£67.50
Model: Configurable_9240SILCZ-K1/2

Sterling Silver Antarctica Ring

Designed by Amore Argento

The Antarctica ring is a stunning cluster with a crystal clear, central, emerald cut cubic zirconia that has the appearance of a continuously changing expanse and surrounded by smaller cub..

Ex Tax:£59.50
Model: Configurable_9238SILCZ-K1/2
Arctic Ice Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento This stunning cluster ring has a vintage feel thanks fo the scalloped and mill grain edges. The emerald cut cubic zirconia with smaller cubics and sterling silver make for a very attractive piece. Certain to turn heads, this glamourous ..
Ex Tax:£67.50
Model: Configurable_9279SILCZ-K1/2
Bright Lights Sterling Silver Ring Halo Delights, Classicality Designed by Amore Argento Prepare to be enthralled by this Bright Lights ring. A square halo cluster ring that comes with one large sparkling cubic zirconia in the central position, surrounded by 16 small round cubics. Slip it on..
Ex Tax:£75.00
Model: Configurable_9229SILCZ-K1/2

Sterling Silver Cool Ring

Designed by Amore Argento

The Cool ring is a vintage inspired cluster combining a glistening cubic zirconia with surrounding smaller cubics. The Amore in-house design team have created a sparkling ring from times go..

Ex Tax:£52.50
Model: Configurable_9273SILCZ-K1/2
Crown of Light Sterling Silver Ring Halo Light Fantastic, Classicality Designed by Amore Argento This is just the right ring to wear whether you’re dressed in an impeccably tailored outfit or you are in a sweater and jeans for your visit to the shops. This ring is perfect for a day at home o..
Ex Tax:£67.50
Model: Configurable_9152SILCZ-K1/2
Cubic Fire Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento If you like to portray an air of sophistication, you’ll love the look of this sterling silver cluster ring. Showcasing micro set cubic zirconia with that are surrounded by smaller stones. Guaranteed to turn heads, this stunning sterlin..
Ex Tax:£65.00
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