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Iolite Earrings

Iolite Earrings

Iolite is helpful in improving your eyesight. It will also help if you are directionally challenged. Use it when you are trying to find your way. Iolite deflects the electromagnetic waves from cell phone, tvs and computers. If you work with these items everyday keep iolite on your person constantly. It stimulates the memory and assists with sleep imbalances. is a lovely violet-purple gemstone with a long and vibrant history.

Take a look at our beautifully designed iolite sterling silver jewellery today to find the perfect gift for someone special…

Unique Iolite Pieces

Set in the finest sterling silver, our dedicated in-house designers have been busy creating a few special pieces, all of which are exclusively stamped with the Amore Argento heart logo and have a protective rhodium coating.

Cordierite is the official name of the mineral. Iolite is the commercial name of the stone and "water sapphire" is an alternative name given to the stone. These beautiful blue violet crystals may stimulate the imagination and this may aid their use as shamanic stones and they have good healing properties including aiding weight loss.

Amore Argento, Creating Unique Jewellery Designs For Over 30 Years

Each item of jewellery is beautifully presented and delivered in an elegant gift bag with a stunning purple heart box, care card and our unique heart shaped polishing cloth. If you would like more information or advice on any of our jewellery items, get in touch with our amiable customer care team today!

Model: 9134SILIO
Gwyneth Iolite Sterling Silver Earrings Designed by Amore ArgentoGwyneth Paltrow is the inspiration behind these floral design earrings. The outfit that Gwyneth wore at the premier of ‘Iron Man 3’ with a striking flower design was the spark that designers needed to create this chic pair. Usin..
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Model: 5004SILIO
Iolite Sterling Silver Orbit EarringsThe Orbit Collection of Birthstones is Designed by Amore ArgentoA classic design, this pair of iolite earrings are perfect for those who enjoy this bright shade of blue. A vibrant and vivid hue, the iolite is connected to achievement and curiosity. It’s also ..
Ex Tax:£39.50
Model: 9287SILIO
Summer Shade Sterling Silver EarringsSummer Collection, Quality Hoop Earrings Designed by Amore ArgentoThese bobble hoop sterling silver earrings are just the look for summer fun. Sterling silver set with violet blue iolite gemstone. Unlike most other hoop earrings, the team at Amore have crafte..
Ex Tax:£49.50
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