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Peridot Necklaces

Peridot Necklaces

Skillfully designed and set in brilliant sterling silver, each stunning peridot necklace in our collection of jewellery features the unique Amore Argento heart logo and has a protective rhodium coating. Browse our stunning classic and contemporary collection today to find an unforgettable and beautiful gift.

Peridot Necklace Collection

Peridot is the traditional birthstone for August and as such, jewellery with this at once powerful and mysterious gemstone will make the perfect unique gift for loved ones with an August birthday.

Durable and resilient, these striking, alluring gems have been admired and incorporated into jewellery for centuries. The ancient Romans called them the 'evening emeralds', as their intense green brilliance captured the light even at night by candlelight or campfire. Those who ruled over entire nations in former times who wore peridot gemstones were well respected and thought to be fair and wise leaders.

Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, is historically known to have had a lifetime love affair with emerald gemstones; however there are some who claim that these were in fact peridot gems. The colour green has long been a symbol of prosperity and natural beauty, so a peridot necklace is sure to make the ideal gift for anyone!

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Every jewellery piece from Amore Argento comes beautifully presented and packaged in a heart shaped box and gift bag, with a pouch, polishing cloth and care card. If you require further information about any of our affordable, quality jewellery, please don't hesitate to contact our customer care team!

Model: 5001PSILPER
August Birthstone Peridot Sterling Silver NecklaceThe Purity Collection of Birthstones is Designed by Amore ArgentoOverflowing with colour, this yellowish-olive-green semi-precious peridot necklaces brings style and flair. Reputed to be calming, impart good cheer and attract friendship, this sto..
Ex Tax:£52.50
Model: 5006SILPER
August Birthstone Peridot Sterling Silver NecklaceThe Vita Birthstone Collection, designed by Amore Argento, all with genuine gemstones.This round genuine peridot gemstone is a yellow-green colour and is associated with fame, protection and dignity. Known for offering a supportive energy that en..
Ex Tax:£42.50
Model: 6040SILCZ/PER
Daisy Green Sterling Silver NecklaceDesigned by Amore ArgentoThis delightfully dainty daisy necklace is crafted with sparkling cubic zirconia and semi-precious peridot. An elegant classy piece in a stylish round cluster design. Comes complete with an adjustable silver curb chain that measures 16..
Ex Tax:£65.00
Model: 9105SILPER
Duo Vert Sterling Silver NecklaceDesigned by Amore ArgentoA favourite, this flattering modern duo blends the beauty of semi-precious peridots with the sparkle of cubic zirconia. Complete with an adjustable 16 to 18in silver curb chain, this radiant necklace brings a bright splash of colour with ..
Ex Tax:£135.00
Model: 9236PSILCBPC
Kaleidoscope Sterling Silver NecklaceKaleidoscope in Wonderful Array of Colours is Designed by Amore ArgentoThis in-house designed piece is full of colour and warmth. Combining citrine gemstone which is a vibrant orange, the blue topaz and peridot give this stone a beautiful setting. The latter..
Ex Tax:£79.50
Model: 9208YSILPER
Lime Gelato Sterling Silver NecklaceDesigned by Amore ArgentoStand out from the crowd with a beautiful piece from our Gelato collection. Designed to be fun, imaginative but also to be high quality and durable, this necklace combines sterling silver with semi-precious peridot and yellow gold plat..
£41.65 £63.50
Ex Tax:£41.65
Sterling Silver Multi Coloured Orb NecklaceDesigned by the Amore Argento in-house teamThis Multi Coloured Orb necklace, designed by the creative in-house amore team, is a modern but classic drop style with precious blue topaz, peridot and citrine gemstones. We based this design on circular “ligh..
Ex Tax:£85.00
Model: 9095SILCZ/PER

Sterling Silver Olive Green Necklace

Designed by Amore Argento

A beautifully designed modern necklace combining a round semi-precious peridot, overflowing with vibrant colour, with sparkling cubic zirconia. Comes with a 16" to 18" adjustable sil..

Ex Tax:£115.00
Model: 9035SILAM/BT/PC

Sterling Silver Opal Fruits Necklace

Opal Fruits Exclusively Designed by Amore Argento

Filigree design combining beautiful semi-precious blue topaz, amethyst, peridot and citrine creating a vibrant mix of colours. Comes with a 16" to 18" adjusta..

Ex Tax:£89.50
Model: 9256SILMIX
Rainbow Cocktail Sterling Silver NecklaceDesigned by Amore ArgentoAnother beautiful piece designed in-house and inspired by the vibrant colours offered by precious gems. An infusion of peridot, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, blue topaz and citrine are combined for energy and beauty. Complete with a..
Ex Tax:£99.50
Model: 9248SILBT/PER

Sterling Silver Swoosh Necklace

Designed by Amore Argento

The Swoosh necklace combines two wonderful gemstone colours together and in our opinion any colour can be worn with natures green. Comes with a 16" to 18" adjustable silver chain. The amor..

Ex Tax:£75.00
Tutti Frutti Sterling Silver NecklaceDesigned by Amore ArgentoElegantly crafted to deliver charm and a touch of distinction, this design contains amethyst, blue topaz, citrine and peridot – each adding their own vivid hue to the mix. Complete with an adjustable 16 to 18in silver curb chain. Pe..
Ex Tax:£79.50
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