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Ruby & Cubic Bangles & Bracelets

Model: 9218SILCZ/R
Claret Sterling Silver BangleDesigned by Amore ArgentoThis sterling silver bangle has deep red rubies set with sparkling cubic zirconia to bring sparkle and glamour to any outfit. Elegance, sophistication and sparkle are all present when wearing this beautiful accessory that brings glamour to ev..
Ex Tax:£337.50
Model: 9315SILCZ/R
Sterling Silver Ultra Red BangleDesigned by the Amore Argento in-house teamThis Ultra Red bangle has simplicity at the heart of the design with genuine red ruby gemstones interspersed with cubic zirconia that replicate the sparkle of diamonds. Rubies are the birthstone of July and throughout tim..
Ex Tax:£180.00
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