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Pearl Wedding Collection

Deciding what jewellery you wear on your wedding day is not an easy decision to make. There are numerous gemstones and designs you can choose from, but which is best for you? For those who are considering wearing pearls our Pearl Wedding Collection is a fantastic choice, especially for those with a June birthday.

Beautiful And Elegant, Pearls Have Been Worn For Thousands Of Years

Pearls have been well loved by people for many years, the American Museum Of Natural History writes that almost “6,000 years ago in the Persian Gulf region, people were sometimes buried with a pierced pearl resting in the right hand." Also according to legend there was a bet between Cleopatra and Mark Antony on who could provide the most expensive meal. In order to win this bet, Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in a glass of wine and drank it.

In more modern times, during the 20th century, many celebrities wore pearls and even more recently in 2014 the Telegraph wrote an article called “ Why Peals Are A Girl's Ultimate Best Friend ". Pearls are classy, stylish, vintage and sophisticated all at the same time making them ideal for brides to wear; whether you're opting for a traditional style or a contemporary style, pearls are a fantastic choice.

A Beautiful Choice For Weddings

Some traditions suggest that brides should wear pearls on their wedding day. Some people believe that pearls represent tears; as such bride who wears pearls on her wedding day shall not shed any tears on her wedding day. Also some families keep a tradition in which the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom gives the bride a pearl necklace as a gift.

Pearls look fantastic, especially when combined with the white colour of a wedding dress. The beautiful and elegant design of pearls project sophistication and beauty. Pearls can be worn on various items of jewellery during your wedding such as: earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or on rings.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about pearls is that they are incredibly versatile items of jewellery. They work wonderfully with a wide variety of themes and styles. In addition to being able to wear them as various items of jewellery, some brides also choose to incorporate pearls into their wedding dress or in their bouquet. If you're a lover of pearls, you can incorporate pearls into many different areas of your wedding, and wear our beautiful Pearl Wedding Collection as you walk down the aisle.

A Great Collection For Any Occasion

Whilst pearl jewellery is a fantastic choice for a bride, you don't have to be getting married to enjoy beautiful and elegant pearl jewellery. Our pearls make excellent gifts for relatives and friends. Being incredibly versatile items of jewellery, pearls work beautifully with many styles, making them a fantastic choice for a gift.

Pearls are not only versatile with regards to style, but they are also versatile in the variety of occasions they can be worn. Pearls can be worn on special occasions, such as a wedding, but they can also be worn during everyday wear, adding a touch of sophistication during your everyday walk down the high street or adding a dash of elegance to an outfit for a night out.

Pearls also make a fantastic gift for those born in June. Being one of the birthstones for June pearls make a great birthday gift, choose from a wide selection of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces from our Pearl Wedding Collection and give them a beautiful piece of jewellery.

A Great Anniversary Gift Idea

Our Pearl Wedding Collection is a fantastic choice for bridal jewellery but it can be purchased for other occasions too. For example, if your partner wore pearls on their wedding day, pearls would make a fantastic gift idea for a wedding anniversary. The pearls would bring back fond memories of walking down the aisle and saying 'I do'.

If you're purchasing one of our items of jewellery as a gift from our website, there is an option to include a personal message. If you're purchasing pearls for your partner as an anniversary gift, this personal message could be a fantastic way to include that extra special personal touch and bring back pleasant memories.

The Beautiful And Sophisticated Pearl Wedding Collection From Amore Argento

If you are searching for a beautiful jewellery collection to wear at your wedding, if you're searching for a gift or if you're looking to treat yourself to some beautiful pearl jewellery, our Peal Wedding Collection is a fantastic choice.

Every item of jewellery purchased from Amore Argento is delivered in our special gift bag and stored in a purple heart shaped box. Inside you can find our beautiful heart shaped polishing cloth, so that you can look after your jewellery and keep it looking beautiful.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Pearl Wedding Collection or any of the other beautiful items of jewellery available on our online store you can contact our friendly and dedicated team by phone on 0345 4503966. Alternatively you can send your questions to us through our contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.

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