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Bracelets & Bangles

Bracelets & Bangles

Looking for a gorgeous gift for a loved one? Our collection of birthstone sterling silver bracelets and bangles are sure to make the perfect gift choice! Meaningful, beautiful and of the highest quality, each bracelet in our unique collection has been lovingly designed and crafted and features Amore Argento's heart logo. Take a look at our inspirational collection below!

Sterling Silver Bracelets & Bangle Collection

Whether she loves all things feminine and classic, or is simply drawn to anything bursting with colour and vibrancy, she's sure to appreciate a sterling silver bangle or bracelet from Amore Argento.

Each jewellery item incorporates dazzling Cubic Zirconia or precious birthstones, including freshwater pearls, blue topaz and amethyst! So whatever the occasion, whether it\'s a wedding, anniversary or birthday, you\'re sure to create a beautiful moment when you present to a loved one your carefully packaged gift.

Shop Online Today For Sterling Silver Jewellery

Find sterling silver bracelets, bangles and more exceptional jewellery at Amore Argento. Each gift is delivered with a romantic purple heart box, polishing cloth and care card. If you would like more information, simply call or email our friendly and committed team today!

Model: 9200SILCZ-ROSE
Love & Kisses' Blush Sterling Silver Bracelet Designed by Amore Argento This pretty bracelet is in the design of Love and Kisses to remind the wearer that they are loved. It’s romantic and has a glittering, sparkling cubic zirconia kiss with a silver heart that has been coated in rose gold. It’s t..
£50.75 £80.00
Ex Tax:£50.75
Model: 9252SILCZ
Angelica Sterling Silver Bangle Designed by Amore Argento Inspired by the wings of angels, the ‘Angelica’ bangle gives the nod to the guardian spirits, knowledge and wisdom. ‘Angels’ is the English version of the word, Angelos which means ‘messenger’. This angel wing bangle is sterling silver, hig..
Ex Tax:£220.00
Model: 9317SILCZ
Sterling Silver Bewitching Bangle Designed by the Amore Argento in-house team This Bewitching Bangle is mesmerizing, delightful and attractive. The amore in-house team designed this 3-row crossover style to incorporate a two thin band of sterling silver interweaved with a thin band of glittering c..
Ex Tax:£225.00
Model: 9506SILSBT/LBT
Blue Reef Sterling Silver Bracelet Designed by Amore Argento When you set eyes on this beautiful sterling silver bracelet, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the blue topaz gemstones. The barrier reef is the inspiration behind this exceptional piece. A joy to the eye, this gorgeous bracelet makes a..
Ex Tax:£395.00
Model: 9053SILCZ/PL
Brides Sterling Silver Bracelet Designed by Amore Argento The rondelle of this graceful bracelet pairs freshwater pearls with gleaming and sparkling cubic zirconia. Bridal wear with pearls is a timeless trend and this bracelet will make a wonderful keepsake from any special occasion. Every pie..
Ex Tax:£120.00
Model: 9218SILCZ/R
Claret Sterling Silver Bangle Designed by Amore Argento This sterling silver bangle has deep red rubies set with sparkling cubic zirconia to bring sparkle and glamour to any outfit. Elegance, sophistication and sparkle are all present when wearing this beautiful accessory that brings glamour to ev..
Ex Tax:£337.50
Model: 9514SILCZ
Deep Joy Sterling Silver Bracelet Love Rocks Bracelet Collection, Inspired & Designed by Amore Argento Blending both modern and classic styling, the Deep Joy bracelet has an amore twist. Interspersed by an elongated link, the round sparkling cubic zirconia sets this bracelet off. This piece will a..
Ex Tax:£179.50
Model: 9316SILCZ
Sterling Silver Enchanting Bangle Designed by the Amore Argento in-house team This Enchanting Bangle is as the name suggests attractive and charming. The amore in-house team designed this crossover style to incorporate a thin band of sterling silver interweaved with a thin band of glittering cubic..
Ex Tax:£155.00
Model: 9129SILCZ
Fantasia Sterling Silver Bangle Designed by Amore Argento Who wouldn’t look good in this beautiful adornment? With silver bands showcasing cubic zirconia, this distinctive and elegant masterpiece has intricate detailing. Look regal and first-class whether it’s worn daytime or nighttime with this ..
Ex Tax:£237.50
Model: 9217SILCZ
Fantasia Sterling Silver Mini Bangle Designed by Amore Argento In the same vein as our beautiful Fantasia bangle, this miniature version gives a taste of the same glitz and shimmer but in a more petite manner. The two silver bands support cubic zirconia to give that special glitz to any outfit. Wh..
Ex Tax:£149.50
Model: 9217SILMIX
Sterling Silver Fantasia Mix Bangle Designed by Amore Argento The Fantasia Mix Bangle was lovingly created by the Amore designers creating a fantastic and vivid symphony of glittering coloured gemstones interweaved onto silver bands. With its assortment of purple, blue, green, orange and red it re..
Ex Tax:£199.50
Model: 8554SILBT
Sterling Silver Flamboyant Bracelet Designed by the Amore Argento in-house team This Flamboyant bracelet attracts attention because of its exuberance, confidence, and very stylishness. Simply designed with eleven oval blue topaz gemstones and to compliment these genuine stones we have added two st..
Ex Tax:£237.50
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