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Birthstone jewellery is a fantastic gift for a loved one for a variety of occasions such as a birthday, an anniversary or Valentine's Day. Birthstone rings are also a fantastic way to treat yourself! With such a fantastic selection of beautiful jewellery, you'll be spoiled for choice!

What Is A Birthstone?

There are various different birthstones; your birthstone depends on which month of the year you were born. For example, the birthstone for January is Garnet and the birthstone for February is Amethyst.

If you are unsure which gemstone is your birthstone, simply enter the month you were born into our search bar. For example, if you search December; the search results will list many wonderful items of Blue Topaz jewellery, the birthstone for December.

A Beautiful Birthstone Ring For A Special Occasion

Are you searching for a beautiful item of jewellery for a special occasion? Is it an important social gathering? Are you attending a friend's/relative's wedding? Or maybe you're searching for a beautiful piece of jewellery to wear at an eagerly awaited date.

If you're searching for a gift to treat yourself, a birthstone ring is a fantastic choice. If you were born in August, Peridot is a beautiful, interesting gemstone and we have a selection of rings to choose from! This Lime Gelato ring from our Gelato range features a beautiful Peridot gemstone on a silver ring with gold plating. The Gelato range was inspired by the delicious Gelato ice cream. Taking inspiration from the beautifully vibrant colours of the delicious dessert and from three of our favourite flavours of Gelato, we created the gelato range: lime, cherry and orange. For these flavours we selected the gemstones Peridot, Amethyst and Citrine, which are all birthstones for August, February and November respectively.

Something For An Anniversary Gift?

Birthstones are a fantastic choice for an anniversary gift. For example, the birthstone for September, Sapphire, is the anniversary gemstone to celebrate five years of marriage. So if you're searching for a 5 th anniversary gift a Sapphire ring, or a different item of sapphire jewellery, would be a great choice - especially if the recipient was born in September! Another birthstone that is also an anniversary gemstone is the Ruby, which, like Sapphire, is a variety of the corundum mineral.

A beautiful piece of Ruby jewellery would be a fantastic gift to celebrate 15 years of marriage, it's also the birthstone for July. So, if you're searching for an anniversary or a birthday gift, consider a Ruby birthstone ring!

Purchasing A Birthstone Ring As A Gift? Make Your Gift Extra Special!

Every item of Amore Argento jewellery purchased on our online store arrives in a beautiful and elegant gift bag with a heart shaped box, which also includes a polishing cloth.

However, the Amore Argento experience doesn't stop there; if you purchase your gift on our online store, you can include a personal message. This means that you can add an extra special touch to your gift. We can even deliver your gift to the recipient, simply enter the address you would like the gift to be sent to!

If you would like more information regarding our delivery and packaging, please visit our delivery and returns page.

A Variety Of Styles And Gemstones To Choose From

We have a fantastic collection of birthstone rings. Our collection contains various different styles of rings, such as this Spiral ring or this Viola ring from our Viola Collection. However, if you're searching for something elegant for somebody born in June, perhaps our Catch A Star Ring, a Freshwater Pearl Ring from our Catch A Star Collection.

If you have searched through our selection of beautiful birthstone jewellery, but you have not found the item you are looking for, we suggest our bespoke design service. Our team has many years of experience creating beautiful hand crafted jewellery, so if you are interested in a unique item of jewellery to give to a loved one, or as a treat for yourself, call our dedicated team today on 0345 450 3966 and enquire about our bespoke design service.

Searching For Beautiful Birthstone Rings? Give Amore Argento A Call!

We have a beautiful and diverse collection of birthstone rings available on our online store. Choose from a variety of different beautiful gemstones such as Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet and many others. We also stock various other types of jewellery such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

To make things even better, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee; this means that if you are not 100% satisfied with the jewellery you have received, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. However, earrings must not have been worn and jewellery must be returned in the same condition as when it was sent. Click here for more information regarding our no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

If you would like more information regarding birthstone rings, or any of the other items of jewellery available on our online store, or if you have any questions that you would like to ask our team, please contact us. You can contact us by phone by calling 0345 450 3966. Alternatively, you can contact our team by filling out our contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.

You can also find us on social media!

Model: Configurable_9197SILCZ-ROSE N
Love & Kisses' Sterling Silver Blush Ring Designed by Amore Argento The beautiful 'Love & Kisses' collection brings romance to the fore with the unique design. This stunning piece has a romantic silver heart, which is coated with rose gold and sealed with a loving kiss of shimmering sparkling..
£36.75 £57.00
Ex Tax:£36.75
Model: Configurable_9197SILCZ-K1/2
Love & Kisses' Moonlight Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento The beautiful 'Love & Kisses' collection brings romance to the fore with this unique design. Moonlight is part of the collection and has a romantic silver heart, which is sealed with a loving kiss of shimmering sparkling ..
£34.65 £67.50
Ex Tax:£34.65
Model: 9127SILCZ-ET-K1/2
Always & Forever Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento This stunning piece makes a wonderful addition to any jewellery collection. Whether it’s an everyday ring or to be worn for something special, this gorgeous channel set ring has 9 round cubic zirconia that sparkle and bring glamour t..
£36.75 £53.00
Ex Tax:£36.75
Model: Configurable_7586SILCZ-ET-K1/2
Amour Eternity Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento Elegantly crafted this pave set ring brings it all - distinction, style and charm. Set with 17 round cubic zirconia, there's no doubt that you’ll be the belle of the ball. This ring has been designed to be worn as a wedding ring or as ..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Model: Configurable_7586SILCZ-K1/2
Give You My Heart Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento This precious ring blends the beauty of cubic zirconia with sterling silver. The perfect ring to honour love and partnership, this design is ideal as an engagement ring. You’ll be eyed for your exquisite taste when you wear this..
Ex Tax:£47.50
Model: Configurable_9249SILCZ-K1/2
Angelica Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento Inspired by the presence of Angels who offer guidance and wisdom, this quality sterling silver Angel wing ring is truly beautiful. Adorned with the sparkle of cubic zirconia, your loved ones will be protected in their day to day lives. Th..
Ex Tax:£67.50
Model: Configurable_9240SILCZ-K1/2

Sterling Silver Antarctica Ring

Designed by Amore Argento

The Antarctica ring is a stunning cluster with a crystal clear, central, emerald cut cubic zirconia that has the appearance of a continuously changing expanse and surrounded by smaller cub..

Ex Tax:£59.50
Model: Configurable_9067SILCZ/AQ-K1/2
Aqua Blue Sterling Silver Ring Aqua Blue Collection is Crafted & Designed by Amore Argento If you’re looking for the perfect gift, this classic cluster ring could be it. With the Amore modern twist applied, and a beautiful aquamarine stone, the sparkling zirconia of this sterling silver ring ..
Ex Tax:£115.00
Model: Configurable_9238SILCZ-K1/2
Arctic Ice Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento This stunning cluster ring has a vintage feel thanks fo the scalloped and mill grain edges. The emerald cut cubic zirconia with smaller cubics and sterling silver make for a very attractive piece. Certain to turn heads, this glamourous ..
Ex Tax:£67.50
Model: Configurable_9253SIL3BT-K1/2
Blue Bomb Cocktail Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento Everyone loves a magnificent statement ring, and this certainly is one. Flattering and captivating, this vibrant cocktail ring speaks of elegance. Created with three shades of blue topaz, this beautiful piece of jewellery is ..
Ex Tax:£130.00
Model: Configurable_9279SILCZ-K1/2
Bright Lights Sterling Silver Ring Halo Delights, Classicality Designed by Amore Argento Prepare to be enthralled by this Bright Lights ring. A square halo cluster ring that comes with one large sparkling cubic zirconia in the central position, surrounded by 16 small round cubics. Slip it on..
Ex Tax:£75.00
Model: Configurable_9167SILCZ/AQ-K1/2
Camellia Aqua Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore Argento If you’re a lady who likes to wear a different piece of jewellery with every outfit, then you may want to add this beauty to your collection. Vibrant aquamarines with sparkling cubic zirconia are at the heart of this ring which is tr..
Ex Tax:£175.50
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