Jewellery Trends For 2022 – Part 1

After a long, cold winter we're definitely ready for spring and the return of some warmer weather. We're also ready to shake up our jewellery wearing and get on trend for 2022, by choosing some pieces which tap into the hottest styles for the year, but which will have a life beyond these trends. Fashion and style are cyclical, so what's hot to trot now is inspired by the 1970s and the 2000s; fashion runs on a 20-30 year cycle so if we think back to the early years of this millennium we'll see that the styles we were wearing then were heavily influenced by the 1970s. These are coming back round again now, so dig out some of your older pieces to wear again with some new pieces from our range.

Personalisation is really hot right now, with charm bracelets coming back in force. We've probably all got a charm bracelet tucked away somewhere, so now is the time to dig it out and show it off. Have a look at the charms you already own, and see what you would like to add. Many designers are making charms this year so it's the perfect time to update your collection, and perhaps pass on some of your older charms to the younger generation (who will be delighted to have a “vintage” 1990s charm to add to their modern bracelet!).

Nameplate necklaces are also back, thanks in part to the Sex And The City reboot – Carrie was famed for her nameplate necklace which she wore with everything. As a committed layerer of clothes and jewellery, Carrie Bradshaw would also be a big fan of the current trend for choker necklaces, which were seen on many catwalks layered with a long necklace. Our pendants come on an adjustable chain making them ideal for wearing with a choker at either the 16 or 18 inch length – choose the length that suits your outfit and choker each day.

For a truly personal piece our bespoke jewellery design service is where your attention should be. We can work with you to either adapt one of our designs you're inspired by, or make something completely new. If you have heirloom pieces you want to reset, or loose stones from old jewellery we can work these in to give you a piece of unique jewellery you won't find anywhere else.

“Mom” necklaces are also in style right now, as seen on the Duchess of Cambridge. These necklaces feature the initial of each of your children, so if you want a personal piece that celebrates your family this is a great idea for a bespoke piece. We can even add the birthstones for each child to the piece.

We mentioned choker necklaces, and these were a staple of the late 1990s and early 2000s. They're a young trend – older women often want to draw attention away from their neck so it's up to you whether you want to jump into this trend, or steer clear. It's worth noting that a choker with big earrings can be a step too far, so if you love a statement earring, the choker trend is best avoided. If you're a fan of studs or you don't wear earrings then jump right in! A choker worn with one or two other necklaces is a fun and easy way to wear the current trends and our Tassel pearl necklace is ideal for this look; chain tassels were seen on the runway at Charlotte Knowles.

Join us for part 2 where we look at some other trends to watch, and offer you the pick of our pieces to wear for each one.