What Would Sheikh Hasina Wazed Wear?

Sheikh Hasina Wazed is the current and longest serving Prime Minister of Bangladesh, with her current term starting in 2018. Her father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was the founder of, and the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the family has faced danger and controversy through periods of unrest in Bangladesh – at one point her family was assassinated during a coup in 1975 but Hasina was fortunately out of the country at the time.

In Indian and Bangladeshi culture bangles are very significant, with certain designs and materials worn to signify marital and social status. Silver is associated with strength while gold represents prosperity and wealth, so it's no surprise that Sheikh Hasina has a stack of silver and gold bracelets at all times. Our Fantasia bangle is ideal for stacking because of the multiple bands within the piece; building a good stack means creating a look with as many bands as possible around the wrist and lower arm.

When stacking bangles it's best to avoid ones which could get caught on each other, so go for our Enchanting, Bewitching and Titanic bangles and mix in the Fantasia styles with the Kaleidoscope bangle for a splash of colour. Sheikh Hasina wears her stack on her right arm, with a gold watch on her left. If you wear a watch, keep bangles and bracelets on the other arm, so as not to accidentally scratch the watch face.

As you might expect, pearls are part of Sheikh Hasina's collection and she has a favourite pair of pearl studs with a gold surround, often worn with a single strand of pearls round her neck. The Pearl Candy earrings are a good match for her favourite pair, while the Vintage Pearl earrings are ideal for a more mature look.

Just because you don't have ear piercings (yet – Oprah Winfrey got pierced in her 50s so it's never too late), don’t let this stop you from wearing earring. Our Dewdrop clip-on pearl earrings will give you the same look, without having to get your ears pierced. Hasina wears glasses, so she keeps earrings small so as not to overpower her face. That's not to say that glasses wearers can't wear long or showy earrings, but it's important to balance this with your necklace (or go without) and the neckline of your outfit.

Sheikh Hasina has a big brooch collection as they are part of her saree pallu, keeping this end section fastened over her head. Brooches aren't part of our repertoire, but if you fancy experimenting with headscarves and shawls then do make sure you consider brooches as a way of fastening these. With brooches often inherited from older relatives we probably have a handful of them that we never wear, so why not bring them back into style?

Sheikh Hasina wears a ring with a large red stone on her ring finger, likely to be her wedding ring from her marriage to M. A. Wazed Miah who passed away in 2009. The stone looks like a ruby, although garnet is a purse-friendly alternative. Our Cherry Bomb garnet ring is a good homage to Hasina's ring, while the closest item we have in terms of design is our Apollo necklace with a ruby in the centre.

Sheikh Hasina wears a mixture of colours and styles which is very in keeping with the aesthetics of Bangladeshi culture. Get her look by going bold with colours and stacking bangles up one arm to show off as many pieces as you can.