Get Something Special This Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day is considered a celebration of romantic love there's no reason why we can't use the day to express platonic love and appreciation for our closest friends. Maybe there's someone who really stepped up to support you during the pandemic, or someone you've known for decades who is always there for you, no questions asked? We know that watching the SATC reboot And Just Like That got us thinking about our dearest friendships and we think they're worth celebrating.

You may have one specific friend in mind, or perhaps you have a tight-knit group of besties who all support each other. In either case, matching pieces of jewellery are a great way of celebrating a long-standing support system, and it's a little more sophisticated than the half-heart matching pair pendants or woven friendship bracelets we all remember from our schooldays.

Picking a piece which features their birthstone is a nice touch; you can buy the same piece with your birthstone to make them match. Our Vivid, Vita, Purity and Orbit collections feature most (if not all) the birthstones in a range of matching earring and necklace designs making it easy to choose a style that you and your friend(s) will love. This is a great idea if you have a group of friends to buy for as these budget friendly pieces mean you won't break the bank no matter how popular you are.

Gemstone colour doesn't have to be determined by a birthstone; you may have a colour that is meaningful to you and your friends; maybe you call yourselves The Pink Ladies, so would choose something with pink sapphires? A favourite colour you have in common or the birthstone for a particularly meaningful month is also a good guide for picking a colour palette.

Ariana Grande's 7 Rings mentions buying matching diamond rings for six of her friends and with her wealth she doesn't need to worry about the price tag. Rings are a symbol of commitment, so they are the perfect gift for celebrating a lifelong friendship. When you wear them every day it's a constant reminder of the love and support you have and give in your life. If you want matching rings then our line of cubic zirconia solitaire and eternity rings make a great alternative to diamonds. Our It's Love eternity ring is ideal as the pinched top of the design allows you to nestle it against another ring you wear all the time, like an engagement or wedding ring.

We don't all have a squad of best friends, many of us have one or two people we are closest to, so if the idea of matching jewellery doesn't float your boat just pick something they will adore. This should be a piece of cake as you'll know their personal style well, and even without you having a matching item, a jewellery gift on Valentine's Day is still a lovely gesture.

If the budget is no problem then why not upgrade the woven, handmade friendship bracelets we exchanged in our younger days for a grown-up, glittering alternative. The Deep Joy bracelet, with cubic zirconia joined by elongated sterling silver links, is a lovely gift to give (and to keep for yourself) and because it's neutral in colour it can be worn with any colour and style of outfit. If you're after something with more sparkle the Ice Cold bracelet is a gorgeous example of a tennis bracelet which is also versatile enough to suit everyone.

Whether you want to celebrate one meaningful friendship or you have a whole host of close friends you're sure to find the perfect Valentine's Day jewellery gift for your loved one(s).