What Would Penny Mordaunt Wear?

What Would Penny Mordaunt Wear?

Undeniably the breakout star of King Charles III's coronation, MP Penny Mordaunt was tasked with bearing the Sword of State during the ceremony.  The piece is part of the Honours of Scotland, and was gifted to James IV in 1507, forming a part of the royal regalia ever since.  The sword weighs 3.6 kilos which made Penny's feat of holding it upright for nearly an hour all the more impressive.  We don't all have access to silver swords with velvet scabbards for bling, though, so our eyes turned to Ms Mordaunt's jewellery.


For the big day she opted for pearl earrings – a pair of beautiful natural baroque pearls suspended from a simple gold stud.  The pearls were quite large, we estimate around 3cm long, and needed no more adornment on the stud than pure gold.  This was an astute choice of accessory by Penny, as with the gold embroidery on her hat and cape setting off her honey blonde hair and the sword being an attention grabber the pearls gave the overall look one of timeless sophistication.  Diamonds would have been too flashy, and a coloured stone would not have worked with the gorgeous teal silk of her dress.


Our Twinkle Pearls earrings are a good match for Penny's pair, although they are not quite as big as the pearls in hers.  A simple mount allows the pearl to move subtly with the head, and they will work with any colour and style of outfit you try them with.  Our Pure and Affinity pearl earrings are a little showier, and if your accessories don't include a large gilded sword you can afford a little more bling in your jewellery choices!


It's hard to see the rings she wore for the event, but we can see a large single stone ring on her left index finger.  Our Full Moon ring is a simple pearl ring that would word with any of the three pearl earrings we think Penny would choose, while our new Elation cubic zirconia ring would pack the same punch in terms of stone size and impact.


Penny usually chooses studs for her earrings, but she likes a big bold pair.  We think this is a nod to her no-nonsense approach; Mordaunt served with the Royal Naval Reserve for 9 years and has held several ministerial offices.  We think our Caribbean Delight or Salsa Blue cabochon larimar earrings would suit her down to the ground, with the turquoise colouring a great option for her skin tone – we already know she can rock that colour.


The Blue Lagoon topaz studs with their large emerald cut stone and icy blue tones would also be perfect for her colouring, as well as the blue being a nod to her political affiliations.  These bold studs are ideal for a session in the Commons or even a media appearance.  The sapphire Star Bright studs would also tick the same boxes, with the unusual four pointed square star shape being striking enough for an evening event as well.  The cubic zirconia Elation studs would also fit right in with Penny's style, taking her through a busy day from constituency work of a morning, to a business dinner in central London.


If you loved Penny's look at the coronation, and you want to emulate her classic style go for simple yet bold pieces that are versatile and can work in a number of settings.  She has great bone structure and beautiful eyes, so ornate jewellery does nothing to show off her natural assets.  Look for big studs with single stones, a similar style in rings, and smart tailoring in place of a necklace.