What Would Yuriko Koike Wear?

Yuriko Koike became the first female Governor of Tokyo in 2016 and won a landslide victory for re-election in 2020. She is hotly tipped to become Prime Minister, as the experience of running the world's most populated capital city certainly gives her the edge. She has been praised for her handling of the coronavirus crisis, and has also been rewarded for her taste in jewellery, winning the 50s category in the Japan Best Jewellery Wearer awards in 2006.

As a global figure that has been publicly recognised for her style, we had to see what pieces from the Amore Argento collection Yuriko would wear. In one of her most used publicity shots she is wearing a statement necklace which looks like mother of pearl discs in a mesh pattern – if she likes this look she would definitely be a fan of the neckmess trend that swept the jewellery world recently. The earrings she wears in this publicity photo are a great match for our Simply Twinkly cubic zirconia studs which have a surface entirely studded with cubic zirconia that glitter from every angle.

Yuriko favours neat studs over dangly earrings, and with her pixie crop hairstyle this creates a very youthful look, vital for connecting with younger voters. She has a favourite pair of pearl studs which are a dead ringer for our Full Moon earrings. These sophisticated pearl studs feature a cubic zirconia at the top to draw attention, but Yuriko's seem to have a stone below the pearl – just wear ours upside down to get the same look. Our Moonlight pearl studs also resemble another pair of hers, while the Dreamy Black Pearl clip on earrings have a similar style to ones she wore for an Olympic presentation.

In terms of necklaces Yuriko favours multiple strand pieces, or those which are made up of a single chunky band. We think our Red Orb necklace would be part of her collection as the drop shape of the pendant lends itself to layering, perhaps with our Apollo Red necklace worn at the shorter length. In Japanese culture red is associated with prosperity and peace, so these ruby pieces would be a great pair for her to wear at any event.

Our Wembley Arch collection is right up Yuriko's street – a pair of studs she has been seen wearing look a lot like these silver stunners and the hammered texture of the silver would appeal to her youthful nature. She doesn't often wear rings, but one she has been seen wearing is a good match for the Wembley Arch ring. With style like this we can see why she won an award for her jewellery wearing.

Yuriko loves brooches – she is often pictured wearing two or three adornments on her lapel. Brooches have a bit of a fusty reputation, but that's only because we tend to associate them with grandparents. A well placed brooch can lift a whole outfit, just match the material, colour or style/shape with your necklace or earrings to create a cohesive look. If you don't have any brooches, or you're not sure if they will suit you, experiment with single earrings as a stand-in and see if you like it.

Yuriko Koike has a fantastic sense of style, and she often keeps her jewellery confined to her face and upper body – sensible when you know your photograph will appear in all the papers. Using statement necklaces balanced by neat studs, with a brooch added for an extra touch of glamour will give you her style, although we can't promise you'll win an award for your jewellery wearing!